The JWT Challenge

During the winter months (Nov-Feb) there exists an opportunity to operate an exclusive challenge programme from the Jersey War Tunnels (JWT). The JWT Challenge is team challenge that tests teams of all ability in a fun and truly unique atmosphere.

Initially the tunnel complex was hewn out of rock by forced labour during the German occupation of Jersey between 1940 – 1945. Now it plays host to the most exciting and engaging team challenge on the island. While the challenge itself will test teams in a variety of ways it is worth noting that no challenge is overly physical, making it the ideal for teams of mixed physical ability.

The Challenge

The tunnel complex is split into five different challenge zones, where each zone will seek to test each team in a different manner. Each zone will host one challenge ensuring that the variety of fun tasks must be overcome if a team wishes to emerge as the winner.

Teams will be made up of 5 to 6 team members, and each team must navigate through the maze of the tunnels to ensure they are in the right place at the right time. Maps and time charts will provide the teams with all the information they need to navigate well and keep track of the time! Teams will also be expected to compete head to head with other teams, ensuring a vibrant and competitive spirit remains throughout.

The Zones

The Zones are split into five very different challenge areas that will ensure everyone has the chance to play on their strengths and shine! Each Zone will operate for 35-45 minutes and there will be five zones in play. 5 minutes will be allocated for teams to move from zone to zone which will be signified by a WWII air raid siren!